LSG - Soluzioni per comunicare


It’s not just
an event

The word event, literally meaning a happening, can be a term coined to many different things. We see an event as the final part of a journey, the journey which starts from the initial idea and is shaped. Here at LSG, we aim to assist our customers with this journey, working together to develop the optimum communication strategy. In 1987, after collaborating with other structures in this sector, Sandro Cerea decided to embark on an independent professional path founding the LINK SERVICE GROUP, later marketed under the name LSG. 

836 Days
189 Events
115k Participants

L’esperienza è il solo
insegnante in cui
si può confidare

Scopri gli eventi che la LSG
ha contribuito
a rendere di successo.

Orgogliosi di aver
ottenuto la fiducia
di tanti


Dai forma
alla tua idea

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