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Congress Organisation

Its not the quantity of events we make, but the quality. At LSG we offer solutions, whether they are realised through conferences, themed conferences, talk shows, category meetings or themed resource forums. By carefully managing the details of each event we can attract up to thousands of participants a day. The team at LSG aim to make our clients jobs easier by undertaking the organisation of all operative segments that make up the event; from logistics to creativity, from preparation to the technical systems.

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Territorial Marketing

When facing the challenges of globalisation, it’s the small details that make the difference, we seek to preserving the peculiarities of the specific and the culture characteristics that make up the unique glocal territory. With this in mind, LSG has sought to develop a range of activities which aim at promoting the use of local resources; companies, products, associations and the local public administration.

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Cultural Communication

LSG, having been founded in accordance to the moto ‘’la cultura siamo noi’’ which literally translates to ‘’we are cultura’’. An aspect which seems to be becoming increasingly important given that we are living in a world in which we much cater to an ever-widening audience. LSG has supported cultural heritage from art to metropolitan culture, as well as organising ad hoc events for young people (150th Anniversary of Italian Unity).  Culture is deeply routed in the organisation, LSG reflects a healthy economy and behaves exactly like a society should do with regards to sharing values and working towards a common goal.

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Promotions and Incentives

To each his own. There are two fundamental aspects of building communication; the customer’s needs and market trends. Every event, therefore, has its own strategy with personalised logistics, creativity, public relations and press office, every time. At LSG we understand that there is no one way to create a project, because the customer’s sectors vary as well as the reference market.

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Editorial Productions

LSG operates with a broad definition of ‘event’, to us, event the publication of a book is considered as such. It’s the final form of a project which started from an intellectual, scientific or recurrence necessity which resulted from editorial production. The communication is important. After having outlined an editorial project, the contents are coordinated and collected, considering the layout, the editing, the typographic and finally the distribution.

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Audio-visual Productions

A documentary or video can be part of an event or be the event itself. Yes, short films and audio-visuals can offer an emotional edge in the context of exhibitions or conventions; but they can also be used as a source of analytical support and historical documentation. As was the case with out past productions: ‘’History of the great italian industry’’, ‘’Italy and Islam – from the war of Libya to Nassirya’’ and ‘’ Power and Oil. The challenge of Enrico Mattei’’.