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Who are we

It’s no longer just marketing

The general concept of marketing is one which has been subjected to change over the years, companies have undertaken activities in the realisation of conventions and promotion/ incentive events. The sector was transformed, and the companies followed the flow of change through the organisation of campaigns as well as the development of support sales networks. In more recent years innovation in audio-visual and methodological techniques has once again caused a shift in the marketing world. LSG has kept up with these changes, actively and dynamically involved in the organising of congress, cultural and corporate events, alongside marketing initiatives.  Through a tried and tested organisational format, LSG manages high-profile events particularly geared towards the institutional sector; with high rates of participation. As a company, we offer constant and transparent information sharing with our customers and also pay great attention to the management of budgets throughout a given project.

The force of the experience

La LSG crede nel team e nella condivisione delle competenze. La presenza in questo settore sin dai suoi albori ci guida nella selezione di strumenti operativi adeguati e nel coinvolgimento di collaborazioni tecnicamente all’avanguardia: una squadra esperta in grado di ideare e seguire la realizzazione di iniziative ad organizzazione articolata con l’impiego delle risorse tecniche più innovative. Queste sono le scelte che garantiscono la riuscita di un progetto perché puntano a offrire una migliore offerta creativa, una sapiente ottimizzazione del budget e anche la certezza di saper gestire al meglio un imprevisto.

The other forms of a project

LSG’s capabilities stretch far beyond the traditional ideas of marketing events, which tend to be limited to a specific place or venue. In fact, the vast amount of resources, skills and experiences present at LSG, allows the company to deliver excellent communication services across a wide scope of mediums; editorial series, press offices, visual communication, audio visual and promotional objects. LSG recognizes the value that different means of communication can offer, but, and perhaps more importantly, how the combination of different projects can over time achieve better results.